A selection of 3 of our favourite seasonal sauces to stock your cupboard or send a care package to someone with a love of all things spicy!

This box includes:
‘Dalston Sunshine’ The OG, fatalii, scotch bonnet and Jamaican yellow chilli ferment, classic West Indian style hot pepper sauce, big mustard hit, fresh turmeric and unrefined sugar to balance out the heat!

‘Louisiana’ Sauce for the pepper purist, nothing but aged Cornish cayennes, vinegar and sea salt. Acidic, bright, fruity, honestly hot sauce.

‘Piri Piri’ your grilled chicken joints sauce but with heat and flavour. Made with sweet Anaheim peppers and fiendishly hot Trinidad scorpions, roasted garlic, herbs n spices and a piquant red wine vinegar and lemon combo make this one a knockout!

Hot sauce care package